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Benefits of Private Yoga Sessions

Yoga classes are fun! They allow you to meet new people, spend time with your friends, and be social all while taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. Though public yoga classes are great, private yoga sessions have additional benefits compared to a public yoga class. Most private yoga sessions are one to three people, allowing for more attention from the instructor. Below are some great benefits to having increased attention from the instructor.

Customize Your Practice
Taking a private yoga session allows you to participate in a yoga practice that is designed for YOU. You can customize the length of the practice, the music, the style, and the focus. In yoga, it is often encouraged to honor our body as we show up TODAY. A private yoga session allows you to take that to a deeper level. Since you have the instructor’s full attention, they are able to adjust you in ways that may not be cued to in a public setting. Additionally, you can focus on your own particular goals. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, it is likely that you have a posture, feeling, or state in which you would like to achieve through yoga. Taking private yoga sessions can help you achieve these goals by staying accountable and consistent. You can plan, work on, and track your progress with a more hands on experience.

Learn Proper Alignment and Variations
In a private yoga session there is more attention from the instructor than in a public class. Therefore, there is more opportunity to take time to explore your alignment. Since we honor our body as it shows up TODAY, our practices are usually different from one day to the next. A private yoga session can teach you proper alignment and how different variations may feel in your body depending on how you are showing up. Sometimes this means using or not using yoga props. Taking a private lesson to learn about yoga props is a great way to expand upon your practice. Since each practice is usually different, you can have your questions answered right then and there without disrupting a class.

Reduce External Stressors
Yoga can get awkward and we can get self-conscious. A private yoga session can help you feel more comfortable by reducing external stressors. These external stressors may be who is in the room, how the room is set up, or how close you are to your neighbor. Sometimes we don’t even know the stress triggers are happening. Reducing external stressors can help you get the most out of your yoga practice.

Hands-on Assists
Touch is sometimes more direct and effective than verbal instruction. Since hands-on assists pose a dilemma for most yoga instructors, they may not happen or may happen minimally in a public class. With consent from the practitioner, skillful assists can promote deeper relaxation and a more fulfilling yoga practice.

It’s On Your Time
Life seems to get busier by the day. It’s sometimes difficult to stay on the same schedule as our favorite instructor. A private yoga session can change that. You can schedule a time that works better for you and your instructor to practice together. This allows you to practice yoga more conveniently which can help reduce stress and maximize your practice.

All Levels Benefit
Private yoga sessions are good for all levels of yoga practitioners. People are often intimidated to start yoga because they don’t know much about it. Taking a private yoga session can be a great introduction to yoga for a beginner who would be able to learn poses, cues, and more about yoga. Yoga is a journey not a destination. Therefore, advanced practitioners can benefit from a private yoga sessions as well. Advanced practitioners can deepen their practice with more in-depth focus and attention from the instructor. Since the yoga session is designed for YOU, the instructor can offer tips to help achieve your yoga goals.

For those who would like to enrich their yoga practice, a private yoga session is a great option. With more attention from the instructor, you can gain more from private lesson than from a public yoga class. I offer both in-person and virtual private yoga sessions. Email me today to schedule your private yoga session.

May You be well – Dominique