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Yoga is a Lifestyle

When you think of “wellness” or “wellbeing” what comes to mind?

When I think of “wellness” or “wellbeing” what comes to mind is the synergetic relationship between the body’s physical, emotional, and mental state. If one of these states are out of balance, then so are the others. Yoga addresses and helps us manage the relationship between the body’s physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. It helps us find balance to truly be well. That is why I not only practice yoga, but I teach yoga.

What makes yoga different from all other types of fitness is that the physical practice, or asanas, of yoga are just one part, or limb, of yoga. There are 8 different limbs that address how we connect with ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yoga is more than just movement. The true practice of yoga is a lifestyle.

When most people think “yoga” they think two things: the poses and mediation. Mediation is a yogic practice from another limb of yoga called Dhyana. Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind. It leads us to Dhyana which is the ultimate state of consciousness and awareness. This state of consciousness and awareness of oneself and our surroundings helps us to see things for what they are. It sharpens our perspective which contributes to our wellbeing.

Two other limbs of yoga that are practiced daily as part of a yogic lifestyle are Yamas and Niyamas. Yamas are yogic moral codes towards others and Niyamas are positives duties or observances of oneself. The energy that surrounds us affects the energy within us and vice versa. As you can see, it all starts to come full circle and the synergies lead us to our current state.

I can speak for hours on how its all connected: mind, body, spirt, inner energy, and outward energy. Seeking positive synergies between the body’s physical, emotional, and mental state is a practice that requires consistency. There are small steps we can take everyday to create these synergies and it is my life’s calling is to teach this lifestyle to others.

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May you be well – Dominique