Posted on: March 29, 2022 Posted by: Dominique Comments: 0

Tips for Finding Time for Yourself

These days it feels like one of the most difficult things to do is to find time for ourselves. Between work, scheduling social time, working out, cooking, cleaning, family time, and normal errands sometimes we miss out on time for ourselves. “Me time” and attending to ourselves is probably the most important of all of these activities and often the most over looked.

Those who know me well know that I take a lot of time for myself. I need my “me time” daily. They also know that I am super busy and live a very purposeful life. The amount of “me time” that each person needs or wants varies based off current life events. Whether you are as busy as me or not, here are some tips that can help you find more quality “me time.”


Journaling is a great way to take some time and sort through your thoughts. It’s a great practice for mental and emotional wellbeing and helps to balance the throat chakra. Whether you write in a prompted journal or let your thoughts flow freely, you are providing yourself with a release and offering yourself the opportunity of perspective. One of the best aspects of journaling is that you can manage how much time you spend writing. Maybe you have 5 minutes, maybe you have 50 minutes. No matter how much time you have it is time for yourself. Currently I journal for about 5 minutes each morning in a prompted gratitude journal.

Blanking Out Time on Your Schedule

One of the most obvious answers to finding more “me time” is blanking out time in your schedule. Literally, put it on your calendar. Eventually it will become such a common practice for yourself that you will begin to schedule your days and weeks accordingly.  

Weekly Bath Time

One of my favorite ways to get some extra time for myself is bath time. During the week I usually shower because I don’t have the time to sit in the bath. However, once a week I make it a point to relax in the bath. If you have a diligent haircare and skincare routine, you can pair it all together during this time. Put on a hair mask, face mask, and some relaxing music. Maybe light some candles and add some bath salts for extra love and care.

Morning or Evening Rituals

Just as bath time can be “me time” so can the time you take during your morning and evening rituals and routines. If you live with a spouse, maybe you close the door as you complete your skincare routine. Maybe you move a little slower, put on some music, and take a seat instead of standing. Maybe you add in some positive affirmations while you put on your makeup. Maybe you make a legitimate morning or evening routine crafted around what you need for yourself every day.

It doesn’t matter how you make the time for yourself as long as take the time for yourself. Time to yourself is a requirement to be the best version of yourself and it is a requirement of yourself to be well.

May you be well – Dominique